In the wake of Rahul Gandhi's “panauti” (bad omen) and “pickpocket” jibes directed at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Election Commission of India (ECI) urged that Gandhi exhibit greater caution and prudence in his public utterances. This request was made in response to the fact that Gandhi had made these references. A request like this was made in response to the words that Gandhi made.

It was also recommended by the poll commission that Mr. Gandhi adhere to the recent advice that it had given to prominent campaigners and political leaders throughout the election campaign. This plea was submitted in response to a directive that was given by the Delhi High Court in December of the year before this one.

In the advice that was distributed on March 1st, the Election Commission (ECI) issued a warning that parties, candidates, and celebrity campaigners will be liable to serious action, rather than only “moral censure,” for any violation of the Model Code of Conduct. This warning was delivered in the advisory.

It was said that famous candidates and campaigners who have been warned in the past will be subject to harsh punishments for repeated transgressions of the model code. This is an extra point of interest that was brought up.

After the Congress leader had used expressions such as “penalty” and “pickpocket” to refer to the Prime Minister, the Election Commission of India (ECI) had written a notice to Mr. Gandhi in the previous year. The notice was given because Mr. Gandhi had used these phrases.

On the 21st of December, the Delhi High Court made a plea to the commission, asking it to decide on the notice that it had issued to Mr. Gandhi for his comments. In the warning, it was noted that the statement that was made by the leader of Congress during a speech that was delivered in November 2023 was “not in good taste.”

According to a report that was published by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), the Election Commission has urged that Mr. Gandhi “be more careful and cautious in his public utterances in the future.” In response to the decision made by the court, this request has been made.

“After considering all facts in the matter related to remarks such as ‘jebkatra' (pickpocket) and ‘penalty', including the court order and Mr. Gandhi's reply, the Election Commission has advised him to be more careful and cautious in future,” according to the news agency.

Additionally, the commission has urged Gandhi, who is a notable campaigner, to take into mind its advice that was published on March 1 for all parties, star campaigners, and candidates in a serious manner when they are making public statements. This advisory was provided for all of these individuals.

The poll commission sent a letter to Mr. Gandhi on November 23, asking him to offer his viewpoint about the comments he made while campaigning for the assembly elections in Rajasthan. The notice specifically asked him to provide his position.

In the course of his speech for the election, the former president of the Congress party made a “pickpocket” joke on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He claimed that Modi diverts people's attention while industrialist Gautam Adani grabs their pockets off of them. His assertions suggest that this is the strategy that pickpockets employ in their operations.

It was a petition that had also objected to many other statements made by Mr. Gandhi in which he referred to the Prime Minister as “penalty” which served as the basis for the court's decision.